These are complete, true stories developed while I was involved with other writing.  Some of these stories made up my series, "Image du Jours," and the several hundred people who requested them received one each day.  Now, these non-fiction stories reside here and most of them have experienced the excellent editing of my wife Bettie; my daughter, Julie Baker; and my good friend, Jerry Smartt.  Of course, what errors are still here are mine alone. 

These stories could have been included in my book, "Long Captions...Sixty-Six True Stories" but the subject material is acutely specific and some stories are a little too autobiographical for a general publication.  However, those titles marked with an asterisk did appear in that book in some abbreviated form.


Image du Jours 

The general "voice" of these Image du Jours varies because I used what best fit the topic at the time. In most cases, it is informal and uses the first voice though it is not  necessarily chatty.  It is written as if I were just sharing a story with a friend -- because in most cases, I was.

Image du Jour -- World War II

The reader who enjoys these stories might enjoy "Long Captions...Sixty-Six True Stories" and "Ball Turret Gunner...Weather Bad/Flak Heavy."  However, for the benefit of  aviation enthusiasts, some of these WWII images and stories are incredibly detailed. 

2.    P-47  Badger Beauty VI

3.    Havoc  Unappreciated Little Workhorse   

4.     P-61  Night-Time Surprise

5.     P-40  Not As Outclassed As Some Think

6.     P-40  War Weary

8.     Stockum Collection  The Story Of The Collection

9.     Hangar Debris  Me-262 / Fw-190

10.     Hangar Debris  Me-262 / Fw-190

11.    Field Debris  Me-109 Models

12.    Field Debris  Me-109 Models

13.    Field Debris  Me-109 Models

14.    Fw-109  Faber's Amazing Mission

15.    Fw-109  An Unusual Aircraft

16  Si204D  Field Debris

17.   Si204D  Engine Detail

18.   The Ju-188  Burned & Broken

19.   The 109   Me-109 Detail

21.   Gott Mt Uns 

22.   Death by Trauma  



Image du Jour  -- Early Aviation

1.    Line Up  The Shuttleworth Collection

4.    Air Racing  Schneider Cup

5.    Blackburn  Modern Aircraft



Image du Jour  -- The Long & The Short

1.    Long & Short #1   Atomic

2.    Long & Short #2   Solar

3.    Long & Short #3   Lunar

4.    Long & Short #4   Earth

5.    Long & Short #5  SubAtomic


Image du Jour  -- The Nuclear Test Aircraft (NTA)

1.    NTA #1  The B-36.

2.    NTA #2  The Nuclear Test Aircraft

3.    NTA #3  The End Of The Nuclear Test Aircraft

4.    NTA #4  The Last Artifact Of The Nuclear Test Aircraft

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